Dahua 4K Ultra Starlight Face Recognition IP Camera Receives 2017 CPSE "Golden Cauldron Award"

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HANGZHOU, China /October 31, 2017 The 16th China Public Security Expo held an awards ceremony at the Shenzhen Airline International Hotel in Shenzhen for its most prestigious "Golden Cauldron Award" on October 28th. 4K Ultra Starlight face recognition IP camera (DH-IPC-HF81249F-FR) of Dahua Technology received the 16th“Golden Cauldron Award” for its outstanding overall performance, innovative design, and superior user experience.

The "Golden Cauldron Award" for Dahua

The "Golden Cauldron Award" is the highest honor granted to products in the security industry by the China Public Security Expo. Through over ten months' period, based on the results from peer evaluations, user trial feedback, and CSDI security index survey data to reach a multi-facet assessment in terms of quality, performance, market acceptance, and application value, 16th CPSE "Golden Cauldron Award" was selected by the review panel finally. The Dahua 4K Ultra Starlight face recognition IP camera was selected to receive the 16th CPSE "Golden Cauldron Award". The award fully affirms Dahua’s advanced technology and customer recognition in the video surveillance industry.

Dahua 4K Ultra Starlight face recognition IP camera (DH-IPC-HF81249F-FR)

When deep learning, face recognition, 4K, starlight and other advanced technologies are perfectly integrated into a camera, their combined performance will be far greater than their sum. This is how Dahua 4K Ultra Starlight face recognition IP camera works. All-metal chimeric outlook design combined with classic black & white color matching, gives a great sense of science and technology. To ensure the normal operation of the equipment around the clock, a metal heat sink is carefully designed to the body, enabling better heat dissipation. This camera is equipped with large target surface 11 Mega Pixel 4/3 inch CMOS image sensor, to ensure most solid protection to 4K monitoring effect. With the support of ISP core processing algorithm, it also achieves 4K ultra monitoring performance with a minimum illumination of color 0.0005Lux and b/w 0.0001Lux. This means delicate pictures and an outstanding night imaging performance.

The biggest highlight of Dahua 4K Ultra Starlight face recognition IP camera is the performance of face recognition and face attributes extraction, which are based upon the deep learning powered face detection and tracking algorithm face quality scoring algorithm and face recognition algorithm. The product supports face detection, face selection, face exposure, face enhancement and other functions in face capture, as well as structured extraction of 8 attributes and 5 expressions. No back-end face recognition server is required for the front-end camera to realize face matching, and it supports a maximum of 10000 face database comparison. This product is widely applicable to wide angle & low light scenarios such as public security, safe city, finance, justice, government, school and airport, providing face capture and comparison. According to requirements from applications in different industries, this camera is able to make end-to-end innovation.