Dahua Lite Network Camera Series Secures Prisons in Brazil

Times:2015-12-28 Browse:2427

HANGZHOU, CHINA/December 28, 2015 — Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China recently upgraded the security system for Hapeco Prison and Curitibanos Prision in Santa Catarina.

Santa Catarina is a state in southern Brazil. It was the Brazilian state that revealed the highest economic well-being in relation to the others. Its capital is Florianópolis, which mostly lies on the Santa Catarina Island while Joinville is Santa Catarina's largest city. Neighboring states are Rio Grande do Sul to the south and Paraná to the north. As every other city, Brazil is also filled with crime. Chapeco Prison and Curitibanos Prison are the two big prisons in Santa Catarina which are facing security problems. Therefore, the municipal government was determined to create a better and safer environment for prisoners and correctional officers by upgrading the video security system.

The Video security system has never played a more important role in helping maintain order while ensuring a safe working environment, especially for a place like prison. Dahua provides its Lite network camera series to upgrade the existing analog system. Dahua Lite network camera series, the HD Entry-level series, is capable of providing vivid color, clear images and abundant details with the resolution @ 1080p.

The prisons consist of a variety of different areas, all of which require close monitoring. While guards and officers can't be everywhere at once, Dahua Lite network camera series can provide continuous coverage of an entire facility. Dahua Notably, Dahua 2-Megapixel Full HD Network Small IR-Bullet Camera can prevent prison incidents from getting out of hand. The cameras are deployed in dining and recreational areas and some other locations where large groups of inmates congregate. The camera can show all details with high resolution, working to deter bad behavior and also help in analyzing incidents of violence. Dahua 1-Megapixel HD Network Small IR-Bullet Cameras installed in hallways and throughout cellblocks provide an enhanced level of safety when inmates and others are escorted through the facility.

“Dahua network cameras are capable of providing more comprehensive monitoring and a heightened level of safety for inmates and workers,” said William Zhou, Sales Director of Latin-America and Africa at Dahua Technology. “Dahua’s security system provides day and night coverage of correctional facilities and detention centers, protecting both staff and inmates from day-to-day threats.”